Wicky Tse reports several recent publications:

“Opportunism in Foreign Affairs in First Century BCE China: Chen Tang, His Fellows, and Their Patrons.” T’oung Pao 107 (2021): 233-261.

“Early Imperial China.” In Oxford Bibliographies in Chinese Studies. Ed. Tim Wright. New York: Oxford University Press. see webpage

〈亂世中的曙光——錢穆對中古早期歷史的一些看法〉(Ch’ien Mu’s view of early medieval China),載李帆、黃兆強、區志堅主編 《重訪錢穆》(Revisiting Ch’ien Mu) (臺北:秀威資訊科技股份有限 公司), pp. 203-212.

〈在理想與現實之間:《大學衍義補》所見丘濬的軍事觀〉 (Between Ideal and Reality: Qiu Jun’s View of Military Affairs in the Daxue yanyi bu) 《明史研究論叢》 18 (2021): 37-46.